MBasix (M_Basix) a.k.a. Michalis Vassiliou has proved to be a versatile  artist, dealing with different music styles throughout his long music career.
As an Electronic music producer and dj, his song " Dancin’ " reached No1 of the U.S.A. (Miami) Maemeeti Techno Dance Charts and stayed there for seven weeks, since 1st August 2009.His projects, his releases, and finally his sound attracted an interest of Greece and abroad. As a musician (pianist, keyboards player, drummer) and composer, he collaborated with some of the most important groups in Greece such as: Lefki Symphonia (Rock), Purple Overdose (Psychedelic), No Man’s Land  (Alternative), joined other groups from the underground Greek scene such  as Enallaktiki Lissi 3 (Punk), formed other groups such as -273°C (Avant-garde), Nichterini Peripolos (Progressive), Interplay Electro (Jazz/Fuzion/Electro), making albums, taking very good reviews in Greek and U.K. magazines and also touring and performing with them in Greece and other European countries.
But he wanted something completely different, something new and the Electronic music was the new field of challenges that he took up, as a producer and a dj, since the early ‘90’s.His understanding of Electronic music and his own musical background might be the reason why he likes everything that has to do with modernity, the new trends, the sound evolution, trying to extend his music to a different level.

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